Revamped marks culmination of 18-month, organization-wide initiative.

The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) has launched an ambitious new website aimed at attracting, engaging and informing MCW’s diverse set of external and internal constituents. Designed and developed in partnership with Hanson Dodge, the new arrives on the heels of MCW and HD’s collaboration on the “knowledge changing life” rebranding campaign. 

The new site—which was completed on-time and on-budget—delivers a rich desktop and mobile experience for users, dramatically improving MCW’s ability to engage students, faculty, staff, community leaders, donors and other critical audiences.

Work on the project began in the spring of 2016, with a rigorous research and analysis phase that featured interactive workshops, interviews with internal stakeholders, analytics audits, user experience (UX) research and testing, content strategy development, creative ideation and more. Based on the wealth of user insights and data gleaned from this phase, HD delivered a comprehensive, strategic road map for the site, as well as Information Architecture (IA) recommendations and design concepts. 

HD also led a process through which potential technology platforms for the new site were evaluated. MCW and HD eventually selected the Sitecore Content Management System to deliver engaging, personalized content, and the Coveo Cloud platform to handle functionality such as sitewide search and MCW’s “find a doctor” functionality.

HD’s development team worked closely with MCW personnel via an agile approach that iteratively delivered high-value functionality over the course of 12 development sprints.

Bridget Siebert, MCW’s Director of Digital Strategy and Creative Services, said that “MCW's new website plays a critical role in our ability to achieve institutional goals such as increasing brand awareness and engagement and driving key actions in the digital space."

Added Siebert, “The new website is a significant achievement for an organization as complex as MCW. We know that this is a major step toward reaching more people with MCW’s story, and engaging them in a more meaningful way. We couldn't have done this without the talented team at Hanson Dodge.”

Angie Rothen, HD’s Senior Vice President of Technology and Operations, said the strong partnership between the two organizations was a key factor in the project’s successful outcome.  

“This was a complex, comprehensive and lengthy project,” Rothen noted. “It’s the kind of project that can easily go off the rails. Fortunately, our strong partnership with MCW meant people from both organizations could not only deliver breakthrough work, but do so with a spirit of camaraderie and fun.”

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