r OIA—sustainability, policy and greater outdoor participation—and features sometimes unlikely partners coming together through OIA. Executives from competing brands stand side-by-side, as do policy makers, retailers, ingredient suppliers and professional climbers. Video content on the OIA website features campaign subjects discussing OIA’s role in advancing the concerns of the industry.

“The Together We Are a Force campaign celebrates the inherent collaborative spirit of the outdoor industry and our deep understanding that when we tackle important issues like the environment and sustainability, we are more powerful and effective when we do it together,” said Jennifer Pringle, OIA vice president of marketing and research.

“We’ve received great feedback on the campaign. The team at Hanson Dodge did a remarkable job of capturing the very essence of our organization—and communicating it in a succinct, compelling and authentic way. We truly appreciate their work, and their ability to bring a sense of professionalism, humor and friendship to everything they do,” Pringle added.

OIA began its partnership with Hanson Dodge—a full-service advertising agency with a 30-year history of working with leading outdoor brands—in early 2016 with the goal of defining and communicating a new, belief-based brand to assist the organization with engaging and growing its membership base.

“We were excited to work with OIA because we share their passion for the outdoors, and have a legacy of working with many of OIA’s member brands,” noted Mike Stefaniak, partner and chief strategy officer at Hanson Dodge. “We’re delighted that our work is helping to transform OIA, and by extension, making a positive impact on the broader outdoor industry.”

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About the Outdoor Industry Association
Based in Boulder, Colo., with offices in Washington, D.C., Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is the leading trade association for the outdoor industry and the title sponsor of Outdoor Retailer. OIA unites and serves over 1300 manufacturer, supplier, sales representative and retailer members through its focus on trade and recreation policy, sustainable business innovation and outdoor participation. For more information, visit or call 303.444.3353.

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