As the first milestone in an ongoing strategic partnership with Hanson Dodge Creative (HDC), Quantum Sails, a leading sail manufacturer, has relaunched its brand to a global audience.

Quantum Sails and HDC have launched an integrated campaign that includes print and digital display advertising, search engine marketing, branded content, online and event promotions and more. A new brand anthem video (shown below) is also now live on Quantum’s website.

The relaunch, which includes a new logo and a new tagline — “To the next challenge” — was the result of extensive foundational research and analysis aimed at answering the questions, “What common, core beliefs connect sailors around the world?” and “What is it about Quantum Sails that makes the brand special?”

“Quantum Sails is a global organization with people representing the brand anywhere there's water and sailboats,” Mike Stefaniak, VP, Brand Engagement & Partner at HDC, said. “Different languages, different time zones, different nuances to individual marketplaces all came into play. We had to ask ourselves, ‘How do we get to an overarching brand that's compelling, relevant and also differentiating for Quantum no matter where people encounter the brand?’”

“The tagline ‘To the next challenge’ is the heart of the new brand story. It's about connecting on an emotional level with sailors,” Stefaniak said. “Whether they're cruisers or racers, beginners or veterans, 15 years old or 75 years old, in the U.S. or in the far corners of the world—sailors are bound together by the fact they’ve chosen a sport that's incredibly difficult. It's mentally challenging; it's physically challenging. Every time you sail it's a different set of challenges—a new opportunity to learn, grow and challenge yourself. That's what sailors love about the sport. It’s also a natural place for the Quantum brand to live. Since the earliest days of the company, Quantum personnel’s willingness to take on customers’ sailing challenges has been part of Quantum’s DNA. Plus, for decades, Quantum has been seen worldwide as the challenger brand in the sailmaking space.”

In July of 2015, Stefaniak, Quantum Sails President Ed Reynolds and Quantum Sails Marketing Director Gera Witte unveiled the new brand to internal constituents via a series of global webcasts.


Quantum Sails and Hanson Dodge Creative

“When it comes to marketing, an internal audience can be your toughest critic. However, the feedback we have received since the internal brand launch has been very positive,” Witte said. “What we have going for us is strong momentum from a solid brand strategy and well-executed launch campaign. Members of the Hanson Dodge Creative team have had a visible role in internal communications throughout the brand discovery and launch process, which has brought a high level of credibility and stature to this effort.”

HDC and Quantum will launch additional campaign components and a new and improved Quantum Sails website later this year.

About Quantum Sails
Quantum Sail Design Group was formed in 1996 by a group of independent and experienced sailmakers. The firm has grown to more than 60 sales and service outlets throughout the world with headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan. Sails are built at three, state-of-the-art manufacturing centers strategically located around the globe. Quantum sails are known for their superior performance, durability and exceptional shape-holding due to a sail design, engineering and manufacturing process known as iQ Technology™. Quite simply, it is the most intelligent sail design system in the industry.

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