(MILWAUKEE, October 2, 2015) — Last night at the United Adworkers Milwaukee 99 Awards Show, Hanson Dodge Creative (HDC) won the Best of Show award for its digital campaign “The Board” for K-Swiss.


Hanson Dodge Creative K-Swiss Team

The Board, a groundbreaking social and digital campaign that used an “influence the influencers” approach to bring the K-Swiss brand to prominence among Millennials, also won two Milwaukee 99 Gold awards in the Digital Campaign and Social Media Campaign categories.

"Our partnership with K-Swiss is a perfect example of how great ideas can be heightened through passion, open collaboration and a willingness to take risks,” Jeff Ohm, HDC’s Account Supervisor on the campaign, said. “The success of The Board campaign can be attributed to our teams challenging each other and pushing each other to make everything as good as it could possibly be."


The Board

The four judges of the 2015 Milwaukee 99 Awards commended the campaign for exceptional creativity and design, digital innovation and impactful business results.

Joe DeSalvo, Associate Creative Director at Barkley, said, “The K-Swiss Board of Directors campaign was unlike any other entry in a field of very appealing ideas. The concept is big and relevant. The execution is beautiful. The scale is multi-channel and digitally proven. And perhaps most importantly, this campaign provides a real advertising solution to a real business problem.

Dave Bullen, Creative Director at mono, said, “One piece simply stood out above the rest and that was the K-Swiss ‘Board of Directors’ campaign.’ There are so many new ways to get your ideas out into the world beyond traditional means and this idea is a true reflection of that. It was digital. It was social. It had content. It was well designed. Oh yeah, it had Diplo.”

(Michael Atkinson, Creative Director, called the campaign “an amazing alignment of the advertising cosmos: strategy, design, photography, video, music, writing and celebrity, all revolving around the community building power of technology. Brilliant.”

Charlie Dahl, Associate Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi X, said, “The campaign that impressed the most was K-Swiss ‘Board of Directors.’ Shining a new light on a brand like K-Swiss is a tough challenge. It’s smart, complex and well executed. Solid design all around. Potential to be a game changer for a brand with a lot of history.”

This September, The Board campaign was also recognized with three W³ Awards and a MediaPost OMMA Award. Learn more about The Board at

On top of the two Gold awards and Best of Show, HDC was also recognized with five Milwaukee 99 Merit awards in the following categories:

  • Consumer Magazine Campaign for Cuda
  • Digital Websites for K-Swiss “The Board” Dashboard Site
  • Digital Websites for K-Swiss “The Board” Application Site
  • Logo Design for Run Gum
  • Public Service Innovation for AIGA (with GS Design)

Visit to learn more about the Milwaukee 99 Awards.

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